Creature final-1

This special lion was born with horns on his head. Nobody knew why and there was a couple of researchers trying to figure out the reason behind it. Both the lion’s parents were lions, so there was no doubt about that. The researchers had to put this special lion in to a cage to do more examination. One night, a snake came by to its cage and they started to fight. The snake was not completely inside the cage but it would constantly come in and go back out of it. The lion was getting annoyed and it tried to stop it with his paws. The snake kept doing it and after a while the lion was trying to catch the snake with its paws. The snake ran away, however the lion had bit some of its tail before it went away. The lion had cramps, and stomach aches all night. The next morning when the researchers arrived they figured that the lion was sick and having some abnormal changes in its body. While they were looking all over its body to figure out whats wrong, they saw that its tail turned into a snake. They were shocked as well as the lion. They could not figure out what happened to it and the lion seemed very uncomfortable with the long dangerous tail on his body. Then, the lion thought about the little bite he had the night before and guessed that when it eats something, it gets a minor feature of the thing it eats. After all of the research, the study showed that the lion’s parents were special as well and they also had changes in their body but the changes were not permanent. The features they get only stayed on theır bodies for 5 months.