Typography Sprıng 2016

Who am I ?

At the heart of every visual identity, is the logomark. A successful mark can result in strong brand, the perception and feelings generated by a visual identity. Phase 1 of this project involved logo development, which lasted throughout the semester. Phase 2 involved the finalization and application of our logomarks to multiple mediums and formats. The objectives of this project was to integrate graphic elements and typography to build a visual identity, become familiar with the concept of branding, apply typography to long format and execute a complex set of restrictions and guidelines.




Business CardFinal

Business Card

Dvd Cover_2_final

DVD Cover


– Dinography –

Our goal was to choose a typeface for each dinosaur and create two different dinosaurs with using the letterforms only. The purpose of this project was to become familiar with existing letterforms and learn how to express the meaning of a word through the spacing, sizing and placement of letters. We could only use one typeface family for each dinosaur and only use the letters within the dinosaur’s name to create the design. We were not allowed to distort, stretch or eliminate components of the type.

Typosaurus _Page_1

Typosaurus Project – Proa

Typosaurus _Page_2

Typosaurus Project – Megalosaurus

Type Anatomy & Classification

– Type Anatomy Clouds –

We were asked to design a package of easy to use study tools that can successfully teach type anatomy and type classification. Our goal was to learn and memorize type anatomy and classifications, develop basic typography skills, including hierarchy, alignment, white space, and balance. The main purpose for this assignment was to learn how to incorporate design cohesion throughout multiple formats and mediums. We were not allowed to use texture, and photo realistic art in this project.

Anatomy Cloud Final Version PDF

Type Anatomy Clouds

Cheat Sheet PDF

Type Classification Sheet

Analog Type

– Jazzardio –

In design, analog refers to any element created by physical means. For this project, we were assigned to design a vinyl record album cover and a spindle label. Our goal for this project was to learn how to craft an analog type, with the simplest workflows and to learn how to integrate analog and digital type with contrast, hierarchy and grid. We could use texture, color and shape however, photography and illustration was prohibited.

Album Cover Final

Album Cover and Spindle Label