Fınal Project

My Social Issue: Immigration




Week 12


Q: How do you perceive, or not, the influences of Cinema, popular culture, advertisement and graffiti in his work?

A: In Jeff Soto’s work there is influences of cinema, pop culture, advertisement and graffiti. I perceive the influence of cinema because it looks like cartoons have inspired him a lot with the characters he chose to use. The characters almost look like some kind of an alien; the artist could be inspired by movies like Robots or Despicable Me while choosing his characters. According to Jeff Soto’s website, his work is a role of bridge the gap between Pop surrealism and graffiti. His pieces are extremely abstract, he uses a mixture of Japanese animated colors, shapes and pop culture. You can also get a sense of advertisement in his work, especially in the black figures, which are represented by graffiti. These black figures represent advertising due to their reach, observation and sex. To me, the way how the work is structured looks like it could be used in an advertisement campaign and could make a great advertisement. His works are also influenced by graffiti because of the writing and the background. It looks like that Soto he painted on a real wall. The overall style of the painting, shapes, characters, the meaning behind the work and the writings remind me of a typical graffiti. He also uses spray paint while doing his work which also makes it seem like a graffiti. He puts many objects together to create one message. I see the influences of advertisement, popular culture, and cinema as the images are composed of modern technologies.