Week 11


Q: Mariko Mori in the series Pureland or Burning Desire explores a Relationship with Japanese popular culture, Elaborate on the use of parody by the artist.

A: The environmental disasters such as volcano and earthquake frequently happen. Because of these natural disasters and reincarnation in Buddhism, Japanese people are scared of invisibility and they think that in the future they are meant to be invisible in another world. The Buddhism guidelines teach its people that if they serve their ancestors after death, they will go to the perfect world and enjoy richness as their unending lives. To look at the works of Mariko Mori in the series Pureland or Burning Desire, they have a deep, strong and mysterious relationship with Japanese culture. Mori’s work also indicates a desire to live a paradise world because of the fear that people have of environmental disasters. Women in the series Pureland or Burning Desire are wearing clothes like Kimono, which is the Japanese traditional costume (T-shape, straight-lined robes with attached collars and long, wide sleeves). Her work also contrasts women that wear traditional clothes and a perfect background with a distinct layer and opacity. Both of the series look like they have an extremely spiritual meaning behind them.


Week 10


Q: Based on Martina’s work, develop the use of memory and narrative in her work.

In Martina Lopez’s work, the contrast between the foreground and the background suggests the significance of perspective and viewpoint when examining the topics of memory and narrative. The artwork not only portrays memories in a narrative that is distinct to Lopez’s family only, but also lets the audience to adapt the narrative to their own individual perceptions. How the audience adapts the narrative to their own perspectives is accomplished through the background that uses familiar symbols within each family, person’s life. Also, the background is presented in darker, passive and the sky is shown in a dream-like feel, which is significant of a memory. I believe her art is a way of her recreating her memories with her family in a way that she would prefer to remember. Lopez used to look at these old pictures and be upset. They would only bring bad memories to her. Therefore, she decided to edit and manipulate the pictures into a new image which would make her look back at them and smile.

3 Questions about the Articles:



1) How do professionals make the models skinnier without any distortions within the image/ model? Do they use the layer mask, as we used it in the “Mask” project or do they use the anchor points?

2) Why do they make skinny models even skinnier on the pictures when they are naturally thin?

3) How do we add lipstick, brush etc. (make up) to the models on Photoshop as well as being able to change their skin color?