Week 6

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Q: Could describe how Teun Hocks makes his photos?  Talk about the role of humor in his work?

Teun Hocks’ works are really interesting combinations of pictures and paintings that you will ever see. At first, I thought he uses Photoshop or a similar program in order to bring different pieces of art and pictures together, to get a specific interaction between them. However, I figured out that he takes black and white photographs in his studio and then paints the photographs with transparent oil paint. He describes his work as “Oil on toned gelatin silver-print.” which means he is mixing pictures and oil paint to make a piece that looks unique. Painting on top of the picture enhances the overall appeal of the piece. It makes it hard to understand if it is real or not. Hocks also have an extremely unique sense of humor that emphasizes on the combination of mediums by taking the unusual and finding a way for them to make sense. In this case he provides it through comedic theme. The focus of some of Hocks pieces seems to be this man wearing a suit. This man always seems to be in a precarious situation in a comical way. This adds a comical atmosphere to his work. The interesting thing is that this man in the suit is Hocks, him self. Hocks also use sarcasm in a way that himself being the artist, is also the unique subject in the pictures. Being shown on the canvas and the photos as a whole are usually on the absurd side when it comes to subject matter. In my opinion, Hocks uses humor to make an interesting story. The paintings capture some of the real story behind it and the rest allows the observers to use their imagination to complete the story with their creativity.


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